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The „Carpe Diem Studienkolleg“ is a preparatory college based in Aachen, Germany, specializing in providing students with the essential qualifications required for German university entrance. With a strong commitment to academic excellence and a nurturing environment, it prepares students to seize the opportunity for higher education in Germany.


What we offer ?

Carpe Diem Studienkolleg is more than just a Studienkolleg. We offer a range of services, including German language courses, university and ausbildung application support, recognition of medical studies, and even fully furnished accommodations! Our aim is to help students achieve their academic and professional goals while providing them with all the tools and resources they need along the way.


The Carpe Diem Studienkolleg specialises in the foundation courses T-, M-, W- and G. 

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A look into Carpe Diem


Educational success and fun go hand in hand !

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  • How long is the Studienkolleg?
    Studienkolleg lasts officially two semesters. However you have to count for the additional examination period, at the end of the year.
  • When does the Studienkolleg start?
    15.09 for winter semester 01.03 for summer semester
  • What is the FSP?
    The "Feststellungsprüfung" is a German exam for foreign students whose secondary school diplomas are not recognized as equivalent to Germany's Abitur. It is required for university admission and students must complete a preparatory course at a Studienkolleg before taking the exam.
  • What exams will I be taking?
    1. Vorprüfung: you will have an exam in 2 subjects german+subject specific to course. -you will need to pass it in order to take the Zwischenprüfung- 2. Zwischenprüfung: you will have an exam in 4 subjects. -you will need to pass it in order to take the Feststellungsprüfung- 3. Feststellungsprüfung (FSP): you will have an exam in 4 subjects. -you will need to pass it in order to get the university entrance qualification-
  • What deadlines are there?
    In order to apply for the FSP, you should submit all your documents translated and notarized and a B2 certificate in the German language before 1.03 for the winter semester and before 1.09 for the summer semester.
  • What documents are needed for the application?
    - Copy of passport - B1 in German language - High School leaving certificate - University certificate (if required)

Frequently Asked Questions

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