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A Studienkolleg is a preparatory course for international students whose school diplomas are not equivalent to the German Abitur, aiming to prepare them for university studies in Germany.
Our Foundation Courses prepare you for the "Feststellungsprüfung" (FSP) in North Rhine-Westphalia, administered biannually by Cologne's district government. Passing grants eligibility to apply across German universities. The FSP includes three written and one oral exam, varying by intended degree program.
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The medical Foundation Course M is intended for degree programms in the following fields,

+ Medicine

+ Dentistry

+ Biology

+ Biochemistry

+ Pharmaceutics

+ etc..


5.500€ / 2 Semesters + 500€ registration fees

Admission requirements:

B1 proficiency in German

Written examination subjects:

German, Physics, Biology

Oral examination subject:


Learn more about the timeline of the Studienkolleg Program here

Timeline Summer Semester                         Timeline Winter Semester

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