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We are continuously looking to provide the best offers for our students!

At Carpe Diem Studienkolleg, we take pride in providing students with a holistic learning experience, both in and out of the classroom. Our focus is not only on teaching the subjects, but also on supporting our international student community. We offer a wide range of supplementary services including fully furnished accommodation, visa support, recognition of previous studies and university application, to ensure that students receive all the resources and assistance they need to pursue their academic dreams. Our friendly and experienced team is ready to not only facilitate your studies but guide you through every step of the way!

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Finding suitable accommodation in a new place can be stressful. At our school, we make it easy for our students by providing fully furnished accommodations that fit within your budget. You’ll be comfortable, safe, and in a supportive environment while studying with us.

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Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for everyone in Germany and we are here to make the process easy for our students. We partner with reputable insurers to provide comprehensive and well-built packages.

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University & Ausbildung Application

Applying for university or an Ausbildung can be a confusing process. We provide personalized guidance to ensure that you submit a strong and complete application. From selecting the right programs to filling out the forms, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to help you take the first step towards your academic success.

Recognition of Medical Studies

If you have completed medical studies outside of Germany and wish to continue your education or practice in the German healthcare system, recognition of your qualifications is necessary. We provide a comprehensive guide to the recognition process, ensuring that you can continue your studies or practice without any obstacles.

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Blocked Account

If you’re planning to study in Germany, you’ll need a blocked account to apply for your visa and support yourself during your stay. With our partner, we offer a convenient package deal that includes everything you need to set up and manage your blocked account.

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Our internship program is designed to help students gain valuable experience in their chosen career fields. We work with a network of employers to find internships that match your interests, and help you stand out from the competition when applying for your desired study program. 

What Our Students Say

Mark Rogers

"After having my son attend the Carpe Diem Studienkolleg over the last year, I can enthusiastically recommend them without hesitation. The staff has been friendly and very responsive, helping us promptly with any questions or concerns. The quality of the instruction has also been very good, and the year has been a perfect preparation for my son to attend university in the fall."
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